Tashi Delek is a Tibetan greeting and means good luck



Tashi Delek Society is an organization that supports Tibetan culture in exile including several Tibetan monasteries in Nepal. The educational standard of these monasteries is high; this is reflected in areas such as the meditative training and the levels of discipline accomplished by the monk and nuns. Monasteries play an essential role in the survival of the Tibetan Buddhist culture that dates back well over a millennium. Asides from religious practices that are based on a highly developed philosophy and understanding of psychology, monasteries preserve and maintain spiritual literature, medicine and art.



The children and youth in these monasteries are in many cases third generation Tibetans that live in exile. As they are the bearers of the future we consider it especially important to contribute as much as possible both towards their physical wellbeing and spiritual unfolding.


The Tashi Delek Society was founded in 1992 by author Ulli Olvedi in Munich, Germany. Its main areas of focus are to support on all levels the children and young novices in the monasteries and the nunnery, support the higher studies of monks and nuns, the provision of care to elderly monks and nuns, and the promotion of social activities within the monasteries.


We guarantee that all donations are only used for these purposes. As a small voluntary organisation we are in the fortunate situation of being able to keep our expenditure to a minimum.


The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the centers of Tibetan Buddhist culture in exile. After the communist annexation of Tibet many Tibetan monasteries were built in the area surrounding the famous Boudhanath stupa. Supporting the activities of monasteries is in accordance to the Buddhist view and auspicious act of generosity.



The Stupa of Boudhanath